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- Ariane Prin on the topic of recycling on the "Où est le beau" podcast, Paris, October 2020.

- Rust at Biennale Émergences, Pantin, October 2020.

- Rust at MAAH, Lint, December 2019.

- Rust at NOPOTO, Paris, November to December 2019.

- Ariane Prin present her work on the "DESSIN DESSEIN" podcast, Paris, October 2019.

- Rust at the Architect at Work trade show with the Institut Technologique FCBA Innovathèque, RE/SOURCES – des potentiels à explorer, Paris, September 2019.

- Rust Homeware and Rustiles Surfaces at The Aram Gallery, Prototypes & Experiments XI, London, July - August 2019.

- Rust at Arper, Milan, April 2019.


- Rust at Interni, Milan, April 2019.

- Rust at The Webster, New York, April 2019.

- Rust at The Webster, Miami, December 2018.


RCA Secret exhibition at the Royal College of Art, London, December 2018.

- Rust at COS, London, December 2018.


- Rust at Atelier de Liège, Paris, December 2018.


- Rustiles samples at Your Studio, London, September 2018.

- Maison&Objet trade show with MatériO', Paris, September 2018.


- Rust at Contemporum, Vienna, June 2018.

- Rust and Rustiles at the Zagreb Design Week, Zagreb, May 2018.


- Rustiles at MatériO for Materials & Light show, Paris, April 2018.


- Rust Collection at the Barbican shop as part of Make! A Season of Contemporary Craft, London, March - June 2018.

- Surface Design Show with Colour Hive, London, February 2018.

- Talk at Your Studio, London, January 2018.

- Rust Mini pots available on the Z-List, London, November 2017.

- Rust at The Future Perfect, Beverly Hills, November 2017.

- Startup the Future exhibition, as part of the 7th edition of the Gwangju Design Biennale, Republic of Korea, September - October 2017.

- Rustiles launch and installation for the Material of the Year stand at the London Design Fair, London, September 2017.

- ReMake panel discussion and exhibition curated and moderated by MaterialDriven, London, September 2017.

- Conscious Colour installation, curated by Unique Style Platform and Surface Matter, London, September 2017.

- Keramos exhibition, Prick, London, September 2017.

- Rust at Dogu Store, Tokyo, September 2017.

- Rust at Moth, Chicago, August 2017.


- Open Studios as part of Hackney WickED, London, July 2017.

- Rust at WallpaperSTORE*, Milan, July 2017.

- Rust Collection at Materialia exhibition curated by Swing Design Gallery, Benevento, June 2017.

- Pots for Plants exhibition, Flow Gallery, London, June 2017.

- Samples of RUST at Ma-tt-er, London, May 2017.

- MetaCraft exhibition, Mint Gallery, London, May 2017.

- West Ward Works exhibition as part of the Dundee Design Festival, Dundee, May 2017.

- Rust at Gallery S. Bensimon, Paris, May 2017.

- Rust at Provide Home, Vancouver, May 2017.

Rust exhibition at the Garage Sanremo, 5Vie district, as part of the Salone del Mobile, Milan, April 2017.

- Rust Collection at the Novamobili stand as part of the Salone del Mobile, Milan, April 2017.

- Rust Collection at the Henge Showroom as part of the Salone del Mobile, Milan, April 2017.

- Rust at White Interiors 49, Deurle, February 2017.

- Rust at Kolkhoze, homeware launch, Paris, January 2017.

- Rust at Molteni for the IMM Cologne fair, Cologne, January 2017.


Traces exhibition at the Fenton House, London, December 2016.


- Rust at The Future Perfect, San Francisco, November 2016.


- Rust at The Future Perfect, New York, November 2016.

- Rust at Stahl + Band gallery, Los Angeles, November 2016.

- Rust at A/D/O Shop, Brooklyn, November 2016.

- Future Vision sustainable design exhibition as part of the Budapest Design Week, Budapest, September 2016.

Electro Craft exhibition as part of the London Design Festival, Tord Boontje Shop, London, September 2016.

- Particle Particular exhibition as part of the London Design Festival, Studio1.1 Gallery, London, September 2016.

- Shuffle exhibition, Herrick Gallery, London, July 2016.

- Rust at Jo-a Gallery, Brussels, July 2016.

- Slow exhibition, Schloss Hollenegg, Schwanberg, June 2016.


- Rust at Minotti for the Salone del Mobile, Milan, April 2016.

- Rust Collection at the Henge showroom as part of the Salone del Mobile, Milan, April 2016.


- Talents show, Ambiente Fair, Frankfurt, February 2016.


- WILD trend show, Maison&Objet, Paris, January 2016.

- Rust at Mint Gallery, London, November 2016.

- Rust at Darkroom Shop, London, November 2015.

- Rust at Marcel By Gallery, Paris, November 2015.


- RUST exhibition as part of the London Design Festival, Herrick Gallery, London, September 2015.

- Matter of Stuff exhibition, as part of the London Design Festival, London, September 2015.

RUST exhibition at the Canary Wharf Window Gallery, London, June 2015.

- Unpredictable design exhibition at the Cité de la Mode et du Design, Paris, September 2014.


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